The Easiest Fundraising Ideas

Over 50 Years of Fundraising Success

For over 50 years Entertainment® has been helping schools, sports teams, community groups and other organizations put together profitable and easy fundraising programs.

Our easy fundraisers can help your organization quickly earn the money you need while providing you with:

No upfront costs
Up to 40% profit
Free shipping on all products


“Chets Creek Elementary PTA is pleased to be working with and selling the Entertainment® Books for the past 5 years. During this time we have enjoyed profits exceeding $50,000.”

- Angela Hope, PTA Fundraising Chairperson Jacksonville, FL

We recommend the following Easy Fundraising Ideas:

Entertainment® Coupon Book and Mobile App

The Entertainment® Book and mobile app gives families thousands of dollars in exclusive savings with up to 50% off at local and national businesses. Your school or group raises money while supporting local businesses.

  • No upfront cost and shipping is free
  • Supporters easily get their purchase price back with just one use
  • You earn up to 40% profit for your school or group



Entertainment® Digital Membership

With the Digital Savings Membership your supporters have online and mobile phone access to discounts on dining, activities, travel and more!

  • No inventory for you to manage
  • Supporters get mobile access to all 118 editions
  • Perfect to run all year long

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Our Classic Recipes™ Cookie Dough fundraiser can be completed in just 3-weeks and can provide an immediate boost for your fundraising efforts in the fall or spring.

  • 12 delicious gourmet flavors – including gluten-free options
  • Orders arrived pre-packed – no sorting necessary
  • Option to sell a tub of cookie dough or pre-portioned cookies



“I think the cookie dough sale may have been the easiest fundraiser I have ever done. We sold $18,000 of the cookie dough with very little stress on our part!”

- Galen Gringerich, school principal in Ohio